[Samba] Samba crashes and domain problems

Stephen Mulcahy smulcahy at bmr.ie
Fri Aug 8 11:33:28 GMT 2008

> in the global section add:
> posix locking = No
> and in the share section add:
> csc policy = disable
> profile acls = yes
> nt acl support = no
> force security mode = 777
> will fix your excel read only errors.

Thanks - I'll give those a shot - I guess I figured the Excel errors were
a manifestation of an underlying Samba issue due to the strange crashes in
the error logs.

> upgrade to samba 3.0.31 also.

If I install samba 3.0.31 from source in /usr/local, is it only the
smb.conf, secrets.tdb and smbpasswd / LDAP data I'll have to migrate over
to preserve our domain trusts - or will things break if I do just that?



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