[Samba] Two subnets in one PDC ?

Lucia Donatto lucia.frika at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 02:03:27 GMT 2008

Hi, I´d like to ask for your help. I´m having in production a pdc with
ubuntu+samba+ldap and have a doubt because I have two subnets, one is
192.168.100.xxx and the other one is 192.168.200.xxx. Both of them belong to
the same domain and they login against the same pdc.
These two nets share files ok, they respond mutually to the ping and if I do
//pc-xp can acces from any pc to any other. The problem is that subnets
can´t see between each other in the net enviroment (or neighbourhood?) I´d
like to know what do I have to do to make them appear together in the net
enviroment and so get a shared resorurces use more easy. Is it possible to
get it in an easy way?

Thank you very much!

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