[Samba] What affects file locking?

Doug Germann 76066.515 at CompuServe.com
Fri Aug 8 01:16:22 GMT 2008


We are in a production environment with one WinXP box and several linux boxes.

We have discovered that the WinXP and linux boxes seem to respect each other's
file locks, but that the linux boxes do not respect each other's locks. In other
words, box 1 can have a file open, and at the same time box 2 can open it and
edit and save the file.

We have smb.conf set with level2 oplocks yes, kernel oplocks no, and oplocks no.
When we first noticed the problem the last two were set to yes. The change has
made the locks work sometimes, but not reliably.

Are there other things besides the oplocks and the smb.conf file which can
affect file locking? How would you trouble shoot this?


:- Doug.

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