[Samba] SMB over SSH tunnel

Wojtek Bogusz wojtek at frontlinedefenders.org
Thu Aug 7 17:12:36 GMT 2008

hi, i am trying to tunnel SMB over the SSH tunnel. but it does not work 
for me :-( could you advice me please?

my setup is:
- laptop with windows xp connected somewhere to internet;
- gateway-firewall (ubuntu with shorewall) with public and local network 
- windows server (with local network address);

i enabled tcp connections in shorewall (firewall) from gateway to 
windows server on port 139.
i did try to do all the steps that are described in documents like 

i also did other option by trying to uninstall 'file and printer sharing 
for ms networks' and i try to connect to map \\localhost\folder_name 
directly and tunnel local port 139 to the windows server port 139.

it all does not work. i get either 'no path' message or i am asked about 
the user and password while 'maping the network drive' but whatever user 
& password i provide the user/password window come back on and on.

what can i try to make it work? please advice...

best regards, Wojtek

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