[Samba] [ANNOUNCE] Samba 3.2.1 Available for Download.eml

James Kosin james_kosin at cox.net
Thu Aug 7 01:36:54 GMT 2008

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> Michael,
> technically the correct thing to do is to install as libXX.so.1 and then
> have the .so symlink point to the sonamed library.  This allows more
> than one soname lib to exist at the same time (if necessary).  The .so
> file is only used when linking.
> For example:
> libtalloc.so.1
> libtalloc.so -> libtalloc.so.1
> Not the other way around.  Do you agree?
> cheers, jerry

I think I understand.
  1)  Redhat and maybe others like putting samba libraries in another 
directory.  So, they use this link to point the libtalloc.so.1 to the file 
in the correct directory.  This is really NOT the proper way... what happens 
then is the library gets referenced by the libtalloc.so.1 which links to the 
libtalloc.so file in the /usr/lib/samba directory.  This may lead to 
inefficiant library loading; but, it does work.
  2)  A better way would be to:
    a)  straigten out the symbolic links.  The symbolioc link libtalloc.so 
should point to libtalloc.so.1 the file.
    b)  add /usr/lib/samba to the /etc/ld.so.conf file where it should be --  
or -- put the libraries in the /usr/lib directory.
    c)  fix the Makefile to properly create the libraries the way they 
should be; instead of back-linking.  It is just a term I coined for this 
werid configuration.

This should fix things.  I'll try to create a patch for this in my spare 
time.  The install section will also need to install the symbolic links to 
the files in their proper locations; weather it be in /usr/lib/samba or 

James Kosin 

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