[Samba] Machine-level shares on Windows server

Jeremy Evans Jeremy.Evans at pertronic.co.nz
Thu Aug 7 00:37:34 GMT 2008


I have Samba 3.0.22 running on a VM-hosted ubuntu 6.06, with the VM
existing to host a Bugzilla server for our development team. I'd like to
be able to periodically backup the MySQL database to a remote device on
our domain.

The PDC is Win2003 SBS (named simply "sbs"), & I have successfully got
the "bugzilla" machine joined to the domain. The bugzilla computer shows
up in the PDC's "Computers" list & all looks good (the "getent
passwd|group" command works as expected, etc).

However, what I'd like to do is use something like 

	smbclient -c "put mysqlbackup.db" //sbs/backup

in a cron job WITHOUT having to perform a user logon. After all, the
machine is already authenticated with the domain, right? I have set up a
share on the SBS machine for the backup with the computer "backup"
having R/W privileges to it.

I've found that I can't access the share (or even get the list of shares
as in the examples below) using the -P (--machine-password) switch, so I
get the choice of 

$smbclient -P -L //sbs
Failed to open /var/lib/samba/secrets.tdb
ERROR: Unable to open secrets database


$sudo smbclient -P -L //sbs
ERROR: Unable to fetch machine password

I can't seem to find much documentation on using machine-level passwords
without the topic being the Samba server acting as the PDC, so none seem
really to apply here.

What am I missing? Anyone?

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