[Samba] Mutli-Homed Subnetting - Advice please

Olivier Sessink lists at olivier.pk.wau.nl
Wed Aug 6 20:43:33 GMT 2008

jools at oss4all.plus.com wrote:

> 2) I plan to have a server on each subnet that will hold the static data
> and act as BDCs relieving the load on the PDC. Effectively, the content
> will be identical but as staff update data on one, is there a way of
> binding the server shares together so one updates the other. I know you
> can bind two drives on a unix box together with mount --bind. Has anyone
> tried binding two samba shares together? Is it easier to script an rsync 
> -u .

the simple and low-end way is if you use rsync or something like that to 
synchronize the data on both servers, and keep the data on both servers 
local. Use one of them as master (writable for your staff) and the other 
one as read-only slave.

the high-end (high budget) way of doing this is to use storage that can 
be shared between multiple servers (for example a SAS or SCSI connected 
box) and use a cluster filesystem such as GFS or OCFS2 (and ideally use 
samba CTDB, then you have a real high performance, high availability 
samba cluster).


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