[Samba] [ANNOUNCE] Samba 3.2.1 Available for Download.eml

James Kosin JKosin at intcomgrp.com
Wed Aug 6 16:44:34 GMT 2008

 <<[Samba] [ANNOUNCE] Samba 3.2.1 Available for Download.eml>> 

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Michael Adam wrote:

> That is right: the link creation in source/bin is fixed,
> but the installation of the links is still broken.
> It _is_ fixed in the v3-3-test branch which will be used for
> 3.3.0 (scheduled for December). The changes to the Make file
> and configure were just to profound to go into 3.2.X.

If "make install" does not work correctly, it should be patched
in 3.2.x I believe.  But I haven't followed the discussion thoroughly
so feel to disregard this if it is out of context.


This is correct.  "make install" does not work and forgets to create the
symbolic links to the libraries.  As a result, samba may not start
correctly and generate errors when loading.  Packagers have been able to
get around this; but, users installing from source will have a difficult
time or need to create the symbolic links themselves.
The effected files on my build are libnetapi.so.0, libtalloc.so.1,
libtdb.so.1 and libwbclient.so.0.  But this depends on the build as
there are other libraries that also need symbolic links added, if built.


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