[Samba] Groups not showing in Win2K Control Panel "Users and Passwords"

Chris cjl at viptalk.net
Wed Aug 6 00:54:37 GMT 2008

Leopard Server 10.5.4, Samba Version 3.0.25b-apple

I am attempting to do something similar to that described in the Samba  
HOWTO and Reference Guide on page 157 Section 11.4.3.  I have  
configured an "Admins" group on the server and would like to tell the  
local workstation to treat users in that group as Administrators.

This used to work.

"net groupmap list" shows that the mapping is there, and the SID looks  

When I check the user after logging into the Windows 2000 workstation  
with WHOAMI.EXE /GROUP the DOMAIN\Admins group is listed, but when I  
log in as the workstation's local administrator to map the group to  
Administrators, I select the domain, and I get a list of users which  
appears to be complete, but there are no groups.  When I manually type  
in DOMAIN\Admins in the lower section, Windows says the group cannot  
be found.

Is there a samba command I can execute on the server to get the same  
list of users and groups the workstation is asking for during this  

Any hints as to what needs to be set in samba to include groups in  
this list?

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