[Samba] Samba 3.2.0 in Debian "lenny"

Daniel L. Miller dmiller at amfes.com
Tue Aug 5 18:51:48 GMT 2008

Jason A. Nunnelley wrote:
>> I'm probably wrong (I usually am) - but my understanding is if there 
>> is a problem with a released package, and the distro team doesn't 
>> want to upgrade to a new upstream version, the responsibility for 
>> repairing those problems lies with the packagers.  Based on the 
>> release notes I just saw on 3.2.1 - all I saw were bugfixes, not 
>> feature additions.  That should be reason enough to pull it in to Lenny.
> Are we talking about what makes it into the next release of the OS 
> distro, or what makes it into the apt-get repository?
I'm not understanding the distinction - unless you're referring to 
non-official apt sources.  For me, as a someone who knows enough to get 
into REAL trouble...I love packages and avoid source-based installs 
whenever possible.

 From the standpoint of wanting Debian to continue to be a trusted, 
stable platform - if the Samba team says 3.2.1 is a very important fix 
to 3.2.0, I'd hope the Debian team approves it.  If 3.2.0 is buggy - it 
will result in users blaming Debian when their long-running Samba 
servers start having issues.  It would be one thing if a really cool 
feature was left out - and now implemented.  It's something else when 
there is are known problems - and a fix is now available that adds no 
functionality (it doesn't, right?).

 From the standpoint of a *slightly* more educated user, if there's an 
unofficial repository I can reach out to for an updated version, and 
it's compatible with the distro's outdated version - that gets me 


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