[Samba] TCP/IP block size

Tom Peters tpeters at mixcom.com
Tue Aug 5 01:44:37 GMT 2008

At 08:16 PM 8/4/2008 -0500, Tom Peters wrote:
>At 08:11 PM 8/4/2008 -0400, Jeremy M wrote:
>>don't know if this is a Samba question or an OS question. I'm
>>request an even fraction of that, such as 512 or 1024 bytes at a time,
>>I always get that amount in the response. I wish I could request 2048
>>bytes, but this exceeds my ethernet controller buffer and TCP/IP 
>Yup. 140-some bytes, maximum, without jumbo frames support on both ends. 
>Even at that, specifications seem to vary. I have a switch that
Oops. Should be obvious that I meant 1415 bytes, not 140. It's 1500 minus 
the overhead, depending how you measure.

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