[Samba] Ubuntu 8.04 breaks samba file locking

Doug Germann 76066.515 at CompuServe.com
Tue Aug 5 00:50:42 GMT 2008

Just upgraded Saturday from Ubuntu 7.10 to 8.04.01. File locking in Samba is now
broken, meaning two different users can have the same file open at the same time
and edit it.

Server is RedHat 9.0 running Samba 2.2.7a-security-rollup-fix. This has been
working well for us for several years. Have one WinXP box accessing the server
using OOo 2.0. Have another couple of Win95 boxes.

In addition, have one Ubunutu 6.06 box, and three other 8.04 boxes.

It appears the XP and the 6.06 box lock files so the other cannot edit them
while one has them open, but the 8.04 boxes, running OOo 2.4 can access and edit
and save these files, thus causing havoc.

The linux clients mount via cifs, such as this line from /etc/fstab:
//samba1/vol22        /sam/vol22  cifs   
rw,user,credentials=/[blanked],uid=doug,gid=data      0       0

This is a production environment.

Could it be a mis-match between the version of samba on the server and the one
on the clients?

Can anybody suggest a solution or at least a trouble-shooting procedure?


:- Doug. 

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