[Samba] unable to build 3.2 on HP-UX

Dag Ager dag.ager at enders-ing.de
Mon Aug 4 14:52:26 GMT 2008

Previous versions compiled just fine. At the moment I'm running 3.0.28a
and also compiled 3.030 without any problems.
I already searched the archives for information, but HP-UX seems to be
used only very rarely...

Ryan Novosielski wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> One of these problems has existed since back in the 3.0.x days. I can't
> remember now whether I filed a bug for it, but I did receive some help
> on the mailing list or did report back on how to fix it.
> See if you can find a discussion about that. At least part of the
> problem is a -Wl,-b or something like that getting passed directly to
> the linker. If I'm not mistaken, -Wl is something that is supposed to
> tell the compiler to pass -b to the linker... not something the linker
> itself is ever supposed to get.
> I seem to recall the ip.h stuff not mattering.
> Have you built this before (previous Samba on HP-UX)? If so, perhaps
> that stuff is no longer true and I'm speaking out of turn.
> =R

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