[Samba] user must change password, works in ursmgr.exe but not with pdbedit

Ted Henriksson ted at henrikssons.net
Sun Aug 3 14:14:50 GMT 2008


After spending quite a few hours building a completely new domain with
samba as a pdc for a local school I now have everything working(shares,
printers, multiuser addscripts, etc). The only problem I have is that it
is impossible to force user to change password on next logon from
pdbedit. It is possible to set this trough usrmgr.exe but its not really
convenient when adding multiple users with a script or remote managing
over ssh.

Policy set for the domain:
maximum password age 90days
minimum password age 1day
min password length 6chars
password history 5

After searching this mailinglist and web for ways to do this it seems that

pdbedit --pwd-must-change-time=(0 or current time) 'username'

should do the trick (the man file for pdbedit or the samba manual does
not mention how to do this.), but trying this and other tricks that I
found searching the web does nothing. No change at all from the pdbedit
-v 'username' output.

However why I use usrmgr.exe to force password change it works. and the
output from pdbedit changes as well setting password last set, password
can change and password must change to 0.

All this has me very confused about what might be wrong.

Ted Henriksson

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