[Samba] Using LDAP, no PDC/BDC, for multiple samba servers

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Fri Aug 1 19:32:28 GMT 2008

because you can only have one PDC.  BDCs will authenticate connections 
against LDAP on the PDC, but you can have the BDCs use a replicated copy 
of LDAP on the BDC to authenticate with if you have slow WAN links, etc.

the difference in smb.con is that the BDC's will have domain master = 
no, and wins server = ip of PDC and wins support = no, and if on a 
different subnet, local master = yes, if on same subnet, local master = no

Soohoon Lee wrote:
> Thanks, now it's crystal clear.
> One thing I like to ask more is why other servers will be BDC?
> Not just a workstation or a DC client? Where do they backup or cache 
> account info?
> Will smb.conf look different from using NT4 PDC?
> Thanks,
> Soohoon.

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