[Samba] Troubles with PDC move

Aaron Johnson aaronjohnson at ajserver.com
Fri Aug 1 15:34:57 GMT 2008

Adam Williams wrote:
> have to load the user's NTUSER.DAT as administrator in redegit, click 
> on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHONE, then under file, click load hive, load their 
> NTUSER.DAT, name it something, right click, permissions, amke sure it 
> has DOMAIN\USER for the person that should own it.  if not, you can 
> add permissions for that user.  then unload hive, put their NTUSER.DAT 
> back, and try logging in as that user again and see what happens.  one 
> way to see if you have a registry permission problem is to right click 
> on their my documetns and change the target to z:\my documents or 
> whatever drive letter you have available.  if it works, you don't have 
> a registry permissions problem, if it says unable to change target, 
> then you do and will have to do the hive proceedure to fix it.
I attempted this test and I get back "The location you requested is not 
allowed as a target.  Please choose a new location."  I was attempting 
to change from the default C:\... to the H:\ (network user "Home" 
drive)  Is this the error message you are referring to?

Also I did then try the hive fix and that did not help, I appeart to 
have this issue with ALL of the accounts I am trying to move, any advice 
on why they all would have crashed?

> Aaron Johnson wrote:
>> Adam Williams wrote:
>>> check the permissions on the registry hive?  
>> Where is this and how would I check it?
>>> does the new server have the same SID as the old one?
>> Yes double checked the domain SID also already.
>> Aaron
>>> Aaron Johnson wrote:
>>>> Versions:
>>>> Old Server:
>>>> Ubuntu 6.06
>>>> Samba 3.0.25a
>>>> New Server
>>>> Centos 5.2
>>>> Samba 3.0.25b
>>>> I have moved all the *.tdb, samba configs, login scripts, files, 
>>>> unix user UIDs and groups have also been moved over, all appear to 
>>>> be working without any trouble.
>>>> I can login to a computer that is part of the domain and my roaming 
>>>> desktop loads.
>>>> The Issue:
>>>> While the roaming desktop, and settings such as Firefox and 
>>>> Thunderbird load correctly, the Windows setting that control things 
>>>> such as Recent Programs list in the start menu, ordering of Icons 
>>>> on the desktop, and theme are not loaded.
>>>> Or is this a bug I should file with samba team?
>>>> Aaron

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