[Samba] New samba feature or new FF feature?

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Fri Aug 1 01:01:39 GMT 2008

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> This is a bug in default 3.2 which I fixed recently. These
> are Windows alternate data streams, and Samba 3.0.x refuses
> to create them entirely. Samba 3.2 has a VFS module which
> will store them in xattr's "streams_xattr", and one that
> will store them in a db in the filesystem ("streams_depot")
> so you can either enable them for the share, or wait for 3.2.1
> (due August) which will filter them out if you don't explicitly
> enable them.
> Sorry for the problem.
	Ah...no biggie-- just was upgrading samba and didn't know if I'd
misconfigured something else...

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