[Samba] samba in NATed network

Eric Lopez eric.lopez at ues.edu.sv
Wed Apr 30 21:35:19 GMT 2008

We have about 300 users distributed on different vlans using private ip 
network spaces,  and sharing one single public IP when going out to the 
Internet. Our samba (3.0.24) server has a pulbic IP and is running as a 
primary domain controller. All clients receive Sambas's public IP as 
their WINS server.   I am able to join the domain but samba stops 
responding sporadically.  Looking at the logs,   I found two things:
First  on samba/log.smb:

  oscar01 ( closed connection to service netlogon
[2008/04/30 11:55:12, 0] lib/util_sock.c:get_peer_addr(1229)
  getpeername failed. Error was Transport endpoint is not connected
[2008/04/30 11:55:12, 0] lib/util_sock.c:write_data(562)
  write_data: write failure in writing to client Error 
Connection reset by peer
[2008/04/30 11:55:12, 0] lib/util_sock.c:send_smb(769)
  Error writing 4 bytes to client. -1. (Connection reset by peer)

Searching on google It seems that this is caused by smb ports=445 139  
and can be fixed by setting it to smb ports=445. I already made this change.

Second on samba/log.nmbd

[2008/04/30 14:25:31, 1] libsmb/cliconnect.c:cli_connect(1369)
  Error connecting to (Operation already in progress)
[2008/04/30 14:40:40, 1] lib/util_sock.c:open_socket_out(896)
  timeout connecting to

Here it looks like samba is trying to initiate a connection using the 
NAT/firewall public IP, which is never going to work since there's no 
port forwarding in place. Which makes me wonder, is it possible to run 
samba on a NATed network??
Thank you in advance for your input,


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