[Samba] Re: group profiles

Andreas Moroder andreas.moroder at sb-brixen.it
Wed Apr 30 13:14:17 GMT 2008

Hello John,

> You can name the profile anything you want, so long as the ACLs inside the 
> profile are correct for the group that needs to be able to access it.
> As a general rule, the ACLs should be set so that members of the group have 
> full control.  Then select a user who is a member of that group; set the 
> profile path to the new group profile; now log on as that user and edit, or 
> clean up and polish up the setting for that profile.  Now log off. As the 
> Domain Admin rename the user.dat file to user.man.
> You now have a "mandatory" (meaning - usr can not change the profile settings) 
> profile that is accessible only by members of the group.

Now I know how to prepare the mandatory profile.

> Group members will be able to access this group profile - but first the 
> administrator must set their profile path to point to this group profile.

Does this mean, that they have only this profile or is it possible to 
have a mandatory group profile and a personal profile ?

> Does that clarify things?
> - John T.

Maybe I oversought this in the howto, but your explanation should be 
added to the howto.

Thank you very much

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