[Samba] group profiles

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Wed Apr 30 11:10:43 GMT 2008

On Wednesday 30 April 2008 02:11:31 am Andreas Moroder wrote:
> Hello,
> according to the samba howto it should be possible to create group
> profiles but the documentation is very short, summarized in:
> "A group profile is a profile that is created first using a template
> (example) user. Then using the profile migration tool (see above), the
> profile is assigned access rights for the user group that needs
> to be given access to the group profile."
> It's all but clear to me how to procede.
> What name should the profile get ? The name of the group ?
> Thanks
> Andreas

You can name the profile anything you want, so long as the ACLs inside the 
profile are correct for the group that needs to be able to access it.

As a general rule, the ACLs should be set so that members of the group have 
full control.  Then select a user who is a member of that group; set the 
profile path to the new group profile; now log on as that user and edit, or 
clean up and polish up the setting for that profile.  Now log off. As the 
Domain Admin rename the user.dat file to user.man.

You now have a "mandatory" (meaning - usr can not change the profile settings) 
profile that is accessible only by members of the group.

Group members will be able to access this group profile - but first the 
administrator must set their profile path to point to this group profile.

Does that clarify things?

- John T.

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