[Samba] XP share not listed in Linneighborhood

Larry Alkoff labradley at mindspring.com
Wed Apr 30 09:02:34 GMT 2008

I am unable to find my Windows XP share (winpro) in Linneighborhood 
which runs on my desktop Kubuntu Linux box.

When I try to mount that Windows XP share I get the error message:
2139: session request to WINPRO failed (Not listening on called name)
2139: session request to *SMBSERVER failed (Not listening on called name)
SMB connection failed
smbmt: Error: winpro _not_ mounted.

The command line I'm using to mount Winpro is:
    smbmount //winpro/lba  /mnt/winpro  -o guest,uid=lba

This line _used_ to work before I had a malfuntion on the winpro box and 
had to Repair XP.  Repair is similiar to a fresh install except many 
(but not all) settings are kept.

Both winpro and the Kubuntu box are on the same workgroup and subnet
with fixed IP.

Why is the winpro machine "not listening on called name" ?

I've been working on this a couple of days and suspect something in the 
Windows XP configuration but haven't made any headway.


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