[Samba] SAMBA with NetApp filer

udomsak chundang udomsak.chundang at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 17:20:07 GMT 2008

I'm newbies in SAMBA and NetApp filer  , I use Filer with OpenLDAP  as  an
authentication and authorization server , but look like  NetApp doesn't
work properly
( can't authentication ) , NetApp engineer suggest me that NetApp work
properly with pure
ActiveDirectory  Environment. not  SAMBA + OpenLDAP backend like me have.

so I solve this problem by make Samba as native PDC and use OpenLDAP as
database backend.
So authentication are complete but next problem is home directory  are  not
automatic create.
then  i try to solve this by mount NetApp CIFS share  as '\homedir'  and use
mount.cifs  to mount
as local dir but not work too.

even if  i can mount CIFS on Filer but owner and permission after mount not
work properly
every file that i create on Filer are permission  777   and owner is who
mount file system .
but In correct way i want  'owner is who pass authentication and access only
by owner '
 So if i authenticate through Filer permission is ok. ( but must change
permission by hand )

1. It's possible that I use remote storage ( Filer ) as Samba local file ?
2. If it can , How do i ?

everything on above is ok and correct if i use samba on local filesystem

mount.cifs \\\\\\homedir /var/samba/cifs2 -o
username=smb-perm,gid=513(domain users )

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