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Adam Tauno Williams adamtaunowilliams at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 12:12:53 GMT 2008

> I am having a problem getting users that were added in smbldap-useradd to be
> able to login.
> After I add them they are visible, but you can see I get this error -
> pdb_get_group_sid:
> Failed to find Unix account for test10
> I believe that this has something to do with nss_ldap. because doing a
> getent passwd, it doesn't display any smb info.

Probably.  Stop nscd if you have it running "service nscd stop" /
"rcnscd stop" and do an "id test10" - if that says "No such user" you're
nss_ldap isn't setup correctly.   pam/nss questions are better on the
ldap at umich.edu list
<https://listserver.itd.umich.edu/cgi-bin/lyris.pl?enter=ldap> and/or
the nssldap at palm.com list (send "subscribe nssldap" to
majordomo at padl.com).

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