[Samba] interdomain trust between two samba pdc's

SoUnD WrEcK soundwreck at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 20:54:33 GMT 2008

I have been trying off and on for some time now to get an interdomain trust
relationship going between two samba pdc machines (DomainA=trusted &
DomainB=trusting).  Both pdc's are running on Solaris boxes and NIS is
involved (I doubt there is a NIS complication just because I can use
accounts on DomainA on DomainB's samba, as long as I add them using
smbpasswd manually).

The situation is this.  DomainA hosts most user accounts for my two
networks.  Therefore DomainA should be trusted and DomainB should be
trusting.  The documentation is confusing and does not describe this exact
scenario (talks about samba with microsoft pdc's).  I have tried every
combination I can think of, but things still aren't working as they should.

I have added an account for DomainB on DomainA.  I then type "smbpasswd -a
-i DomainB", still working on DomainA.  This seems to go through okay.
However, when I type "net rpc trustdom list" on DomainA, I get the

Trusted domains list:

Trusting domains list:
Unable to find a suitable server
domain controller is not responding

I expect what I see for trusted, but for trusting, should I really be seeing
those errors?  What do they mean?  Is the fact that DomainB is listed mean
that it worked and I should ignore the errors?

I guess I'll stop here and make sure there is not a problem with this step
before I post further information about this process.


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