[Samba] nested groups not working with sudo and winbind

Glenn Bailey gbailey at terremark.com
Wed Apr 23 17:49:35 GMT 2008

Howdy folks,

I'm having an issue with sudo not recognizing nested groups
via AD and winbind. I have an AD group called UnixAdmins and
when I ad and AD account *directly* into this group, I am able
to use sudo just fine as it is in the sudoers. *but* say I
have a nested group in UnixAdmins like CustomerUsers or whatnot
it won't recognize. Now, I also restrict access via pam.d systems-auth
to UnixAdmins, so I know that part it working. Also, when I run
and "id" it shows the proper groups. It's just seems sudo won't
recognize the nested groups :-(

Anyone run into this issue before? It's gonna be an admin nightmare
just to populate UnixAdmins with individual accounts ..

Glenn E. Bailey III
terremark worldwide

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