[Samba] File locks?

Jim Young jyoung at cpsc.ucalgary.ca
Tue Apr 22 15:12:47 GMT 2008


  Recently, the following problem started happening with a particular samba
If i have a file open for reading (say, a pdf in xpdf) and then try to write
to it (say, through recompiling a latex document) it complains that it
cannot open the file for writing.

this seems like a file lock issue but I am unsure where it is happening. My
previous usage should be perfectly safe since xpdf should only open for

This problem does not happen locally or when I connect to a different samba
server (a windows machine). I can also ssh into the remote server, port xpdf
, and my local process can write to the file. It is the samba connection
that is making the lock.

  I am running Debian Unstable, using smbclient/smbfs 3.0.28a-2 to connect
to a samba server (unix backend) on my university network. Server:

I mount the smb share in my fstab as follows:

//myserver/jyoung    /mnt/uni        smbfs

I spoke with my system administrator and he said it may also be possible to
get the server settings changed depending on what is required (and the


(This is a re-post, I apologize for any annoyance)


James Young, B.Sc.
Ph.D. Student
Interactions laboratory, Department of Computer Science, University of
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