[Samba] samba pdc and xp host

Frédéric LAURENT fredericlaurent at hotmail.fr
Mon Apr 21 14:02:51 GMT 2008

Hello ,
I had a superb samba PDC server which functioned perfectly and its hosts 
xp until the day my disk crashs.
I made backups. I reinstalled a debian and used my old /etc.
Indeed, when I loggue a XP station, I recover well my profiles on the 
host but I can't  access in the majority of the programs of station XP. 
My menu to start is in two parts, the part of left which are the most 
used software are absent like if I haven't enough rights. I realized 
that if I switch in the user rights   the group mydomain\none in the 
administrators group, all functions normally.
But not in the group of the normal users, nor with simple users. Some 
ideas because I cannot of course leave the xp stations  in admin mode.
Thank you.

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