[Samba] how to make 'winbind nss info = sfu' work in v >= 3.0.26a

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Apr 21 12:16:40 GMT 2008

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Jonathan Detert wrote:

>>> It seems strange that log.winbindd-idmap says it successfully loaded 
>>> nss backend 'sfu':
>> Because the nss_info sfu and rfc2307 modules are built in the
>> idmap ad.so module and therefore initialized at the same time.
>> So if the idmap plugin is loaded first you are fine.  But
>> often in the parent winbindd process you will see it attempt to
>> load the nss_info module first which seems to be failing.
> So, is that something that can be controlled via config?
> Or, are you saying it's just noise in the log file that 
> works itself out ok in the end?

No.  It's real.  Each winbindd process is responsible for
loading the nss info plugin and calling the init function.
The parent seems to be failing (my guess is due to a packaging
error leaving out the nss_info directory).

cheers, jerry
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