[Samba] [3.0.28,1/smb.conf] Can't hide dot files

Sojka Reinhard reinhard.sojka at parlament.gv.at
Mon Apr 21 08:06:49 GMT 2008

hi Gilles,

once upon a time I had a similar problem

> 	I set up Samba 3.0.28,1 on a FreeBSD 6.3 host. I'd like users _not_ to see 
> the hidden dot files in directories, but "hide dot files" doesn't work, no 
> matter whether I put it in [global] or [homes]:

AFAIK Samba transfers dot files with a "hidden" attribute. If your users
can see these "hidden" files or not depends, depends on the setup of the
Windows client.
If something like "show hidden files and directories" is enabled on the
client's file browser, the client will display the hidden files ...

I can't find the link to the documentation, but you can test this within
a minute.

kind regards,
Reinhard Sojka

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