[Samba] Samba and Vista profile probs

Andrea Venturoli ml at netfence.it
Sat Apr 19 11:31:37 GMT 2008

Charles Marcus ha scritto:
> On 4/18/2008, Andrea Venturoli (ml at netfence.it) wrote:
>> I have \\PDC\username as home dir and \\PDF\username\profile[.V2] there. 
> Not a good idea...

The only problems I see with this is that a user can manually access it.
I leave it to them as a responsability: someone even recover their files 
from there in case they happen to delete them by accident.
Sure, sooner or later someone will delete his/her their profile: either 
it will be recreated or I'll get it back from the backup tapes.

> MS says you are asking for trouble if you put the profile inside the 
> user home ...

I'd also be curious about the rationale behind that...

> Profiles shoudl be in etheir own, separate share...

Probably. However, the whole system has been working this way for eight 
yeras or so, without the slighest problem... I'd need more than a rumor 
to convince them to switch...

In any case, this is completely irrelevant wrt Vista & Profiles, since I 
and Collen have different setups and still experience the same prolem.

  bye & Thanks

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