[Samba] problem with [homes] share for users with unix logins

Wes Modes wmodes at ucsc.edu
Sat Apr 19 00:15:57 GMT 2008

I have the [homes] section set up in my smb.conf so that 
\\server.name\user connects to the user's home directory.  Since I am 
using OpenLDAP as a backend via smbldap-tools, for most users the home 
directory comes from the homeDirectory variable in OpenLDAP.

However, when I have a user who also has a login on the samba machine, 
that is, an entry in /etc/passwd, Samba seems to ignore the value of 
homeDirectory and use the entry in /etc/passwd instead.

Here is the section from smb.conf

        comment = %u's Personal Share Directory

        browseable = no
        valid users = %S @admin
        write list = %S @admin
        create mask = 0600
        directory mask = 0700

I even tried adding the line

        path = /data/home/%S

to the [homes] section, but it seems to be ignored.

Any suggestions how I can make Samba prefer the value in HomeDirectory 
over /etc/passwd?



Wes Modes
Server Administrator & Programmer Analyst
McHenry Library
Computing & Network Services
Information and Technology Services

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