[Samba] Samba 3: bad read performance

Dmitry V Shurupov Dmitry.Shurupov at auditory.ru
Fri Apr 18 19:21:46 GMT 2008

> Can you test the latest CIFSFS code from Steve French, as well
> as the latest Samba 3.2 code ? We've added the ability for
> CIFSFS to do 16mb streaming read/writes, which should significantly
> help a set up like yours.
> Jeremy.

Could you define more exactly the "latest code", please? We've
installed Samba 3.2pre2 on our server and got no (better) result while
testing with Windows client. Did you mean pre2 release or current git
version of Samba 3.2 branch?

And the same for CIFSFS: if you're not about CIFSFS 1.52 included in
latest stable Linux kernel (2.6.25)--where can we find this code?

Dmitry Shurupov,

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