[Samba] Samba and Vista profile probs

Collen Blijenberg collen at hermanjordan.nl
Fri Apr 18 09:38:15 GMT 2008

Hi all, I've got some problems with vista sp1 + samba 3.0.28a

vista will not save the profiles nor load them. !
I'm all familiar with the .V2 thing.
vista however does create the "profilename.V2" directory, but does not
populate it with the data

Xp machines work like a charm however.
profiles path's are: \\<server>\profiles\testuser
so the problem with the .V2 part is not share related, coz they are a 
dir in a share.
we do get logged in with a temp profile. so authentication works (little 
slow do...)

do i need to alter the vista policy's or something ??
if i browse manually to the profile share, i will be able to create dirs 
and files

----- smb.conf

    path = /Jordanet/profiles
    guest ok = yes
    browseable = no
    nt acl support = yes
    csc policy = disable
    read only =no

#    create mode = 0600
#    directory mode = 0700
#    profile acls = yes
#    writable = yes
#    inherit permissions = no
#    inherit acls = no
#    nt acl support = no
#    map acl inherit = No


Cheers, Collen

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