[Samba] Bad file modification date/time stamps created from windows clients

Porter, Patricia E Patricia_E_Porter at RL.gov
Thu Apr 17 20:34:14 GMT 2008

I'm running samba server version 3.0.28a on an HP-UX pa-risc machine
with XP-pro windows clients.

When a windows client creates a new file on the samba share the
modification time is not set correctly.

On the HP-UX side date/time stamp shows as:

   % ls -l README
   -rwxr--r--   1 e6b564     users         1081 Dec 13  1901 README

  The date/time stamp is always "Dec 13  1901" ?

On the windows side from dos it shows:

   Y:\> dir README
   10/29/6250  05:35  AM                      1,081 README

   This date/time stamp will vary

   In file explorer, the "Date Modified" field is blank

A snippet from running debug level 10 on the samba server shows:

[2008/04/08 10:03:45, 6] smbd/trans2.c:smb_set_file_time(4122)
  smb_set_file_time: actime: Tue Apr  8 10:03:44 2008
   smb_set_file_time: modtime: Fri Dec 13 12:45:52 1901
   smb_set_file_time: setting pending modtime to Fri Dec 13 12:45:52

The compile on the server was done using gcc ver 4.0.1:

./configure --without-ldap
make install

Is there an smb.conf setting which might correct this?



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