[Samba] Samba & Active Directory - Login from non Domain Machine

Michael Melia Jr. m.melia.jr at petrocelli.com
Thu Apr 17 14:29:10 GMT 2008

Just in case anyone is interested, this was a simple case of case
sensitivity of the username. The domain name needed to be in uppercase,
so the login had to be:


And then everything worked fine.  I think windows might automatically
use uppercase for domain names.  You can check the log to see what it is
using on a valid user.  There are also options you can put in your
config file to make thing case insensitive if you want but I am not
familiar with them yet.

Sorry if everyone know this, but I am still new to Samba.


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I have Samba running on debian etch using winbind and my windows 2003
active directory infrastructure.  Everything works find.  I have one

I cannot connect to a share from a machine that is not on the domain.
If I try to connect to the share from a windows xp box that is not on
the domain that the samba server is in, I am prompted for a username and
password.  If I put in my domain credentials, I still get an access
denied message.  However if I login to a computer that is on the domain
using credentials that are part of the group that is allowed access to
the same share, I can get into that share without an problem or prompt
(as you would expect).  I just don't understand why I cannot connect
from a machine that is not a member of the domain.  Any thoughts?

Also, how do you have samba re-read the smb.conf file without having to
restart smbd on debian?

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