[Samba] login failed

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Thu Apr 17 12:48:34 GMT 2008

Quoting denis rohou (denis.rohou at ville-lannion.fr):
> Hello
> i've samba 3.022 with a ldap 2.2.26. I've no pb to join domain with my
> win2000, but when I reboot I'm reject (bad username ...).
> I find in debug that the first param sent by the client was the login
> and I think it must be the machines name.
> Any idee ?

At this moment, no. And I bet nobody will have, I'm afraid.

People need much more information to have a chance to help you out.

You first might need to send information about your setup.

For this, sending the output of 
"testparm -s /whatever/path/is/your/smb.conf" would help. (recommended
over just sending the raw smb.conf)

Also, setting "log level" to 3 and sendong out the relevant part of
the smbd log file would also help a lot (and maybe be even enough for
you to spot the problem)

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