[Samba] LVM + xfs + Shadow copy

Adam Roland roland.adam at freemail.hu
Thu Apr 17 11:14:20 GMT 2008

hi there,

i begin to install shadow copy VFS mod function in samba 3.0.24-6etch9, after i see  the same function at win2003srv, 
i think it could be very useful, if i gonna make it under DEB,

but at the moment i'm really get stucked,

i try to describe what's the point now;

1 - load shadow_copy mod in smb.conf
 vfs objects = shadow_copy
2 - install shadow copy client in WinXPProf
3 - write script to make snapshot to my LVM2 + XFS system
 lvcreate -v -L10M -s -n $SNAPNAME /dev/lvmgroup1/home  
 xfs_freeze -u  /home 
 mkdir /home/@GMT-$SNAPNAME 
 mount /dev/mapper/lvmgroup1-$SNAPNAME /home/@GMT-$SNAPNAME -onouuid,ro
4 - everything seems to be fine, but when i open previous version window under WinXP, it's blank ...

so what else, i have no more idea,

can anyone help me?



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