[Samba] Can connect directly, but not browse samba server from Windows Workgroup network

Konstantin Gredeskoul kigster at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 02:12:16 GMT 2008

>  I wonder if this is related to the problem I reported yesterday, also
>  using 3.0.28a on Fedora Core 8 (Windows 98 client cannot connect.)
>  I believe the browser announcement is a UDP function, and on my system
>  it looks like the UDP functions are not operating on that build of
>  Samba. Please try to do a "netstat -a | grep udp" and see if Samba
>  (smbd/nmbd) is bound to UDP ports 137 and 138. On my system it is
>  not ... only the TCP ports are activated.

On my system only 139 tcp is activated. The only udp ports active on
my system are 55298 (wth?), 5353 (mdns) and 123 (ntp).

>  I think this was working correctly until "yum update" brought in the
>  current Samba RPM.

Wow this is a great insight. I might try building a local copy and
seeing if that fixes the problem.

Thanks much

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