[Samba] Vista problem, with ADS samba

Boutan, Paul R. boutapr at chevron.com
Mon Apr 14 20:04:01 GMT 2008

I am running samba 3.0.28 on linux servers using ADS security, without
any problem.


However when I added a vista workstation to the mix, it simply cannot
connect to my printers.  I can connect to my data/ or disk shares again
without any problem from both 64bit vista, and 32 bit vista.


When I try to access my printers though I get  "Windows cannot connect
to the printer, Operation could not be completed (error 0x0000000d)


I have looked at everything, tried numerous drivers, settings, and so
on, but this error is not documented anywhere for this condition.  Any




boutapr at chevron.com

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