[Samba] Re: WINS and Subnets [was: Help: justification for Linux PDC vs Windows...]

Andrew Morgan morgan at orst.edu
Fri Apr 11 19:41:45 GMT 2008

On Fri, 11 Apr 2008, Greg J. Zartman, P.E. wrote:

>> You only need 1 WINS server for your organization (or 2 for redundancy). We 
>> have multiple subnets here at OSU and only 2 WINS servers.  Our DHCP 
>> servers had out the WINS server IP addresses to all clients, and Samba is 
>> configured to use them as well.  You DO need a master browser on each 
>> subnet.
> Are you pointing your clients on a given subnet to the "local master" for 
> WINS queries or the primary WINS server?
> I have a couple subnets, but hand out the Primary WINS ip to ALL of my 
> clients.  WINS browsing across the subnets fine, but updates from the subnets 
> tend to be really slow.

All clients are given the IP addresses of the 2 WINS servers.  We don't 
configure local master browsers explicitly on our subnets - the Windows 
computers can elect a local master for themselves automatically.


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