[Samba] Tdbtool in Samba 3.0.28a

Grzegorz Wakan grzegorz.wakan at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 11:38:37 GMT 2008


I'm wondering if tdbtool is working in new samba. I have some UID's,
which I have to delete but when i'm starting tdbtool, next open
/usr/local/samba/var/locks/winbindd_idmap.tdb and trying to delete UID
109 for example, i get "delete failed", when I type "keys" command in
tdbtool, I got all UID's GID's and SID's and what I was found on the
list is that to delete SID I have to type at the end \0

my sample output of "keys" command looks like this:

key 8 bytes: UID 120
key 47 bytes: S-1-5-21-1161552919-2021084893-2910719778-1125
key 47 bytes: S-1-5-21-1161552919-2021084893-2910719778-1235
key 8 bytes: UID 110
key 8 bytes: GID 114
key 8 bytes: UID 102
key 46 bytes: S-1-5-21-1161552919-2021084893-2910719778-520

tdb> delete S-1-5-21-1161552919-2021084893-2910719778-1125\0

looks like working correctly, but what about UID's or GID's ?

tdb>delete UID 110
delete failed

how to change UID's or GID's in tdbtool?

thank you very much for any help

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