[Samba] disable '_' to '/' replacement in %S for default service configuration

Paul B. Henson henson at acm.org
Tue Apr 8 22:45:08 GMT 2008

We've been using a fairly old version of samba for quite some time to serve
user home directories and group project directories with a configuration
approximately like:

        default service = groups

        path = /export/user/%u

        path = /export/group/%S

This has worked out very well, the samba configuration is minimal, and does
not need to be changed as users/groups come and go.

However, while trying to use the same configuration for a newer version of
Samba, groups with _'s in their names were not working.

On reviewing the documentation, I found out that at some point Samba
started translating _'s to /'s for the %S substitution in the default

That breaks our configuration, for a group 'foo_bar' Samba tries to access
/export/group/foo/bar instead of /export/group/foo_bar.

Is there any way to disable this translation such that %S is substituted as
is and prevent the mangling? I really don't want to have to explicitly list
every group in the Samba configuration, there are thousands.


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