[Samba] Printing Problem with Samba ' Failed to allocate a print job'

Misty Stanley-Jones misty at borkholder.com
Tue Apr 8 20:53:07 GMT 2008

Hi Bill,

That would be fabulous (in a bad way) but it is not the case.  Here is the equivalent part of dumpe2fs for /dev/sda1 (/data):
Inode count:              183156736
Block count:              366286008
Reserved block count:     18314300
Free blocks:              287497221
Free inodes:              181068686

And here is for /dev/sdf1 (/):
Inode count:              14057472
Block count:              28103701
Reserved block count:     1405185
Free blocks:              17311944
Free inodes:              13849218

Any other ideas would be appreciated!


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This will sound stupid, I am certain, but is this an inode issue? Does the FS type you are using auto-extend (like JFS2 on AIX) the number of available inodes? Or fragmentation perhaps?

I only ask since you clearly have enough space, but a lack of inode may appear as no space left on device and a high level of fragmentation in JFS (not jfs2) on AIX will throw strange errors.


(PS: I know you are not running AIX. :-) :-) )

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