[Samba] Username case mangling -- Linux username is mixed-case, Samba returns lower-case

Steve Briggs zzybaloobah at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 8 16:56:45 GMT 2008

I have a problem that I first observed when I upgraded from
3.0.24 to 3.0.28 and is, I believe, related to the introduction
of the "printjob username" configuration parameter.

I print via CUPS and the Cups-PDF driver wants to know the
Linux username (so it can put the PDF in the proper location).

The problem is that "printjob username = %U" results in
a lowercase username ("steve"), even though the Linux account
is "Steve".  The Samba logs clearly show me authenticating
as "Steve" and the last message I see (with logging at 20)
with an obvious user name shows me connecting to the
Cups-PDF printer share with username "Steve".  But, the
Cups logs show a username of "steve" -- which ends up mapped
to anonymous.

I see I'm not the first to observe this change:

Linux prints fine to Cups-PDF, the username in the Cups logs
is shown as "Steve", and the older samba (3.0.24 on Fedora
Core 6) printed fine with username "Steve", it just seems
to be the newer Samba is lowercasing the username.
"%U" give "steve", "%u", "%$USER", "%$(USER)" are all taken
literally (i.e. "%u" gives "%u").  Is there anyway to
get Samba to output the *real* Linux username?

As an aside.... while checking the samba documentation, I saw
references to how Linux usernames should "always" be all lower
case.  Why?  I've had mixed-case names for over 6 years and
am unaware of any problems until now.  Certainly, standard
tools let you create mixed-case usernames without complaint.


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