[Samba] how to know if kernel supports oplocks

Michael Heydon michaelh at jaswin.com.au
Tue Apr 8 02:50:59 GMT 2008

Eric PEYREMORTE wrote:
> Hi,
> I've read that i should put "kernel support = no" in smb.conf if my 
> kernel doesn't support oplocks.
I don't know where you read that, but:

1. There is no "kernel support" option

2. Assuming you mean "kernel oplocks", the man page specifically says " 
You should never need to touch this parameter."

> But i can't find how to know if my kernel support it.
According to the man page, IRIX and linux 2.4 (and presumably greater) 
support it.
> I'm running a fedora core 4.
> If i compile the kernel manually, which option should i enable ?(i 
> can't find a oplocks option)
It sounds like it relies on a generic change notification system rather 
than something that is specificly designed for oplocks, probably Inotify 
or maybe just dnotify.

 From the kernel's menuconfig help on inotify: "If unsure, say Y". If 
you are compiling your own kernel you should only remove things that you 
*know* you wont need. Stick with the recommended or existing settings 
everywhere else and you don't have anything to worry about.
> Eric

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