[Samba] How to create a write-only share?

Ash Gosh gosha.asha at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 15:55:19 GMT 2008


I need to create a share that will be readoble by root only (by owner) and
writeable for all. We replacing a dead Windows NT 4.0 server and there was a
permission type called "Add" and our users uses this type of permission
often. They creates a shares where other users can add files but can not
read or even list it. I saw a thread here called "How to make "Add
permission" for folder in system withntacl
but there was no solution published. I beleive that there is a solution, I
hope so.

So how to create a share where all users will be able to paste their file
but only accepted users will be able to list the files or read it? For

user userA is the owner
user Guest is a someone else
server path - \\server <file://server/>
share path \\server\userAdoor <file://server/userAdoor>

user Guest should be able to open a \\server <file://server/> and simply to
drag'n'drop a file into the userAdoor share
or user Guest should be able to select some file somewhere in his
filesystem, go to \\server <file://server/>, select userAdoor, press right
button and paste the file.

of course user Guest should not be able to see the

Thanks in advance,

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