[Samba] Winbind ignores idmap configuration (3.0.28a)

Doug VanLeuven roamdad at sonic.net
Fri Apr 4 09:29:35 GMT 2008

Naadir Jeewa wrote:
> Sorry, yeah, I have munged it.
> I did some further checking and found it works fine for the 1 user which
> is on the home domain. It's users from other trusted domains which are a
> problem. 
> CLDAP messages are getting rejected by the DCs, but Samba instead says
> "DC not found". I've asked the domain admins if they can change the
> client signing requirements on the trusted domain I need access to.

I don't know what they are, but there seem to be some issues with domain 
trusts in 3.0.28a.  Might be affecting you as well.


Regards, Doug

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