[Samba] Samba users as local workstation admins?

web stuff zaq12345rdx at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 13:29:35 GMT 2008

After you set up those users on the PDC, you should be able to add
them to the Administrators group on the Windows workstation. I have
done that with a few users and it is working properly as far as I can
tell. The important thing is that you must add the DOMAIN user to the
Administrators group, not the current local user.

Hope this helps!

>  We have a problem, which is that several of our users are local admins on
> their own workstations. We'd like to let them retain these rights, but we're
> switching to a PDC. Is there a way to have them authenticate to the domain,
> and as a regular user, but on the Windows workstation have full control?
> What's the best solution for this? I obviously don't want to make them
> domain Admins.

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