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Subject: 	ham,Re: [Samba] smaba PDC on other subnet problem
Date: 	Thu, 27 Sep 2007 06:28:08 +0100 (BST)
From: 	satish patel <linuxtrap at yahoo.co.in>
To: 	ham,Dale Schroeder <dale at BriannasSaladDressing.com>

I have done it with installed Smaba on both subnet and configure client 
for subnet use own WINS perimary address in TCP/IP setting but it is 
still not able to browers one more problem is how can i test it is 
working or not ???

i have put entry in nsswitch.conf file

hosts:  files wins

when i try to resolve netbios name from nmblookup

suse:/etc/samba # nmblookup samba-client
querying samba-client on
querying samba-client on samba-client<00>
suse:/etc/samba #

i got ip address but i am not able to ping this name

suse:/etc/samba # ping samba-client
ping: unknown host samba-client
suse:/etc/samba #


*/Dale Schroeder <dale at BriannasSaladDressing.com>/* wrote:


    If I understand your question correctly, perhaps one of these links



    satish patel wrote:
     > Dear all
     > I have today join this list for some problem with samba configuration
     > I have one samba server on my organization PDC configuration and
    now i need to join domain on another subnet so how it is possible i
    have read on google about it they are talking about WINS but i have
    also give WINS IP address on another side PC or client machine but
    error could not fine domain XXXXX
     > so it is possible without WINS if i want to do it with DNS SRV
    recode then what i need to do it in DNS any one there have same
    problem of domin logon from diff subnet or network
     > $ cat ~/satish/url.txt
     > http://www.linuxbug.org
     > ---------------------------------
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$ cat ~/satish/url.txt                                                     


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