[Samba] samba acl + winxp, win2000 server

Vadim Vatlin silent at corbina.net
Thu Sep 27 12:05:28 GMT 2007

Hi there.

I need help.
I installed samba + nt acl.
I switched on acl on the filesystem, added users in the /etc/passwd and 
in the tdb database samba, using tdbedit.

When I logged in the share, I created a test file, clicked on the right 
mouse button, chose  properties->security.
And  When I clicked on "add" button into Win 2000 server, I saw all my 
samba account.
But When I did it into WinXP I saw nobody from my samba account, a 
locals only.

Have any idea??

sorry for my english. I'm not native.

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